ROBUST Gay Sexual Attractant For Men

A gay sexual attractant fragrance that is designed by aromatic scientists at MC Marble Co., a leading manufacturer of pheromone fragrances, under contract to Uneet Co. Inc. This powerful male attractant contains isolated scents that attract other males. It is the most powerful gay attractant available today. In addition it contains synthetic experimental grade human pheromones, natural human sexual attractants.

gay and homosexual To find a partner who shares your interest. To do things with a partner who enjoys doing things you like. ROBUST for men who enjoy men. The power to be noticed and command attention. ROBUST gives it, plus more. ROBUST will attract, the rest is up to you! ROBUST has a spicy smell. A spice that livens your life and the life of men around you.

Warning: Do not wear this fragrance unless you are willing to accept the attention you will get. Wear this only so that people will know that there is something extraordinary about you.

A satisfied customer says: Robust just gave me that extra burst of power that I needed to seduce my best friend and there are no words to describe the winning sensation that I am now experiencing. One last thing I am not going to do is wear Robust any longer at the gay gym I go to. People stare at me or ask me silly things like how to use the machines....and crowd around me like bees near honey !! I do not like that and I do not want all of that attention. I just want my Leonardo to be with me for the rest of our lives."  Please click here to see the entire testimonial. New testimonial, January 4, 2001: For almost two months I have been using Robust and have seen undeniable results. First of all, I am a gay male and interested in the same sex. For some time I have been extremely attracted to my best friend. In just a few weeks my friend has started reacting to me differently. Not only has he gave me more eye contact as well physical closeness, he appears too desire more time alone with me and I really feel things are heating up!!!;) When I wear Robust in public I notice quite a few guys giving me the second glance and checking me over... This stuff is AWESOME!!! On a final note... I myself find the smell of Robust to be very stimulating and it gives me a overwhelming feeling of confidence, desire and passion. I recommend Robust to any gay male seeking to become more romantic with a special friend or any guy of interest. Best Regards, Trevor

ROBUST, 1 1/3 .oz, only $99.99 ea. plus $6.05 shipping and handling, (for a limited time, includes FREE complementary pheromone incense sticks, retail value is $19.95) ROBUST trial size, 1/3 .oz, only $29.99 ea. plus $6.05 shipping and handling.

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Robust, 1 1/3 .oz, only $99.99 ea.

Robust, 1/3 oz, only $29.99 ea.

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