Gay Men Fragrance with Pheromones

Same Sex Attractants with pheromones to attract gay men who enjoy an alternative lifestyle.

Now available for the first time, a same sex attractant/fragrance formulated with pheromones for gay men who want to increase their personal magnetism!

These mesmerizing fragrances have been isolated and chosen because of their ability to attract the chosen sex. We made them more powerful by adding pheromones with extraordinary attraction power. What are pheromones?

Pheromones are natural attractants the human body produces. We’ve had six successful years selling pheromone based fragrances and have received numerous testimonials to attest to their effectiveness. Now we’ve found a way to synthetically produce pheromones so that these products will perform to meet your special needs - to attract other gays. To learn more about our fragrance and FREE OFFER, click on the appropriate link below.

Gay Men Sex Attractants

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